Dr. Jack Morgan is a psychiatrist who worked with Brock and Barbra Jean during their separation. And during which time Barbra Jean became attracted to him and so was Reba.

Later, Reba ends up dating him until he goes out of town but when he comes back Reba makes the shocking discovery that he is still married, because his wife hasn't signed the divorce papers yet.

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In the season four episode Date of Mirth, Barbra Jean confesses to Reba that she's attracted to her new marriage therapist. Reba tells her to go talk to him about it. Van and Cheyenne convince Reba to go with Barbra Jean to talk to Dr. Morgan so nothing happens. Barbra Jean gets all giddy while talking to Dr. Morgan and tells him she's attracted to him. Dr. Morgan explains why she's attracted to him and then transfers her and Brock to another therapist. Meanwhile Reba is very attracted to Dr. Morgan also and she asks him out. Cheyenne and Van find out that Reba is going out with Dr. Morgan and tells her to tell Barbra Jean because she is unaware of their date. After much discussion Reba finally goes out on an interesting date with Dr. Morgan (guest-starred by James Denton).

In season five, Dr. Jack Morgan moves back to town and tries to rekindle his relationship with Reba, However, Jack reveals to a shocked Reba that he is technically still married. Reaching the startling conclusion that she has unknowingly become the "Barbra Jean" in her relationship, Reba goes to an unlikely source for advice - Brock. 


  • From the season four episode "Date of Mirth" to the season five episode "The Trouble with Dr. Hunky", Jack Morgan was Reba's last relationship before the series finale.

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