The School auction is coming up and Reba Hart needs help but not from Barbra Jean Hart, until Barbra Jean ends up beating last year's record!



  • This is the second appearance of Terry, but the first named appearance, he first appeared in The Rings as a jewelery store clerk but in this episode, we learn that he owns a jewelery store so the characters are the same.


  • "I just know that we're gonna make a great team, like-like Jenny and Craig, Sears and RoeBuck or ♫ Electro Woman and DIno Girl ♫ !" - Barbra Jean
  • "Oh I'll let her go to town alright, a town far, far away" - Reba
  • "Cheyenne, I'm a guy, you could just ask to touch my butt... in fact you don't even need to ask, come on, free grabbies". - Van
  • "I'm just saying, Van, alot of gay guys wear their hair like that". - Kyra
  • "I'll be in the kitchen, i suddenly have something that I need to tell everyone I know". - Cheyenne