Cheyenne celebrates her 21st birthday with a Girl's Night out called Cheyenne-o-palooza with Reba and Barbara Jean since they are the only ones over 21. Van wants Cheyenne to tell her what she wants for a gift but Cheyenne wants him to pick something she will like. Meanwhile Reba and BJ are fighting over Brock taking "Happy Pills". Reba finally comes to terms with Barbara Jean's craziness. Kyra comes to accept that her Dad is not perfect and is human too.


With Reba Hart and Barbra Jean Hart feuding, and Cheyenne Montgomery's twenty first birthday coming up, the whole family might be torn apart.



  • "Yeah right, Mom. Like this is the first time i've ever-... You're right Mom, I should take it slow". - Cheyenne Montgomery
  • "The ladies of the family, legally drinking ... talking about me". - Cheyenne Montgomery