An incident involving a baby doll arises when Reba agrees to be Cheyenne's substitute in Lamaze class and she finds out that Brock and Barbara Jean are in the same class. When Reba hits Brock with a plastic baby he ends up in the hospital, but Reba finds out when he (Brock) confesses that Barbara Jean accidentally smashed his right foot with the baby crib as they moved it in the nursery.


Cheyenne Montgomery and Van Montgomery go to a lamaze class, which Van thinks he is going to hate and Cheynne thinks she is going to love, but the situation gets reversed after the class when Cheyenne gets too grossed out to go back, so she makes up an excuse to get out of it, when Van stays dedicated to go Reba Hart volunteers to be the substitute. When they arrive at the class, they run into Brock Hart and Barbra Jean Hart, enraged because Brock never went to lamaze class with her, Reba loses her temper and strikes Brock with a plastic baby. Brock later is admitted to the hospital which is not due to the baby strike but to Barbra Jean dropping a crib on his foot.



  • Because of its subject matter, this is the first episode to be rated TV-14 on ABC Family.