The Hart Family minus Barbra Jean Hart, Jake Hart, Elizabeth Hart, Kyra Hart, and Henry Hart are in a waiting room and waiting to see their court appointed therapist for the last time... unless they are not deemed normal, and Reba Hart will see to it that they seem as normal as possible. But when Van Montgomery goes into the room and begins to weave irritating yarns about Cheyenne Montgomery, a series of flashbacks begin on this clipshow style episode, and Barbra Jean showing up doesn't help their chances of seeming sane,

  • Van complaining about Cheyenne's bossiness.
  • Cheyenne complaining about Van's stupidity.
  • Barbra Jean complaining about Reba's insults.
  • Reba complaining about Barbra Jean's insanity.
  • Brock complaining about Reba's violence.



  • Scarlett Pomers as Kyra Hart (Seen in flashbacks)
  • Mitch Holleman as Jake Hart (Seen in flashbacks)
  • Lila Braff as Elizabeth Montgomery (Seen in flashbacks)
  • Alexander McClellan as Henry Hart (Seen in flashbacks)
  • Jack N. Harding as Barber (Seen in flashbacks from the episode The Shirt Off My Back)


  • This is the first and only clipshow-style episode