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Jake Hart


Reba Hart (mother)
Brock Hart (father)
Barbra Jean Hart (Step-mother)
Cheyenne Montgomery (Oldest Sister)
Van Montgomery (Brother-In-Law)
Kyra Hart (Older Sister)
Henry Hart (Younger half-brother)
Elizabeth Montgomery (Niece)
Unborn boy (Nephew)
J.V. McKinney (grandfather)
Helen McKinney (Grandmother)
John D. Hart (Grandfather)
Potrayed by
Mitch Hollerman

Jacob "Jake" Mitchell Hart (Born: 1994) is a fictional character in the television series Reba.


The youngest of the Hart children, Jake is often teased by his sister Kyra. In the earlier seasons, Jake sometimes is only seen for one scene where he would crack a joke or just mention something that involves the current topic. Jake is pretty oblivious of what goes on around him and has a habit of saying the first thing that comes to his mind without thinking. He acts like a normal boy for his age, although in earlier seasons he displays feminine characteristics that worry his father, Brock, such as wanting to go to a scarf museum.

Love Interests[]

  • Carla was his first love interest in the episode, "Valentine's Day". He disliked her and turned to Kyra for advice to be rid of her, only to be tolded he had to kiss Carla's best friend, Tiffany Baxter. Much to Jake's dismay, as he knows that she eats bugs.


"I have one thing to say to you. The Game Boy is not waterproof" - A Moment in Time

"I think it killed a hawk." -Who Killed Brock?

"I'm not stupid. She left the pregnancy test in the trash can." - Pilot

"I think I know when Pokemon is on." - No Boys Upstairs

"Cool, babysitters are hot." -Help Wanted

Look mom, I made a Vanwich." - The Honeymoon's over Or now What

"Weather Channel. More rain for Brazil." -No Boys Upstairs

"VAN STOP IT.......... Whoa!" - Go Far.

"I like him." (when Brian brought homemade ice cream with M&Ms, gummy worms and chocolate mint) - Ring-A-Ding.


  • In Season 1's "He's Having a Baby", he was sent to bed early as it was still sunrise by his mother, Reba.
  • He attends Parker Elementary School.
  • His favorite superhero is Spider-Man.
  • According to Brock Jake once ate a dollar twenty in change, because Reba Hart told him it was lunch money.
  • He sleeps in a race car bed.