Katie Ann


Barbra Jean Hart (Sister), Kyra Hart (Step-Neice), Cheyenne Montgomery (Step-Neice), Jake Hart (Step-Nephew), Brock Hart (Brother in-law), Henry Hart (Nephew),
Potrayed By
Rachel York

Katie Ann is Barbra Jean Hart 's older sister who contantly embarasses her in front of Jack and their entire family. She has a husband named Trent.


  • Her relationship with Barbra Jean is similar to Cheyenne and Kyra's love-hate relationship. Difference is that Kyra's "trained her sister to fear her."
  • Katie Ann claims that Barbra Jean's had a awkward age from 12 through 30.
  • Katie Ann reveals that in high school, Barbra Jean was in band and that she was always knocking the hat off the boy in front of her, and claims that it was a "huge" joke in school.
  • Katie Ann reveals that there was a time when Barbra Jean cut her own hair too short and nicknamed it "The CueBall Story" to her family.
  • It's revealed that she peed herself once during a rollercoaster ride. Her embarrassing secret remained quiet until Barbra Jean revealed that to the Booker family and husband, much to her dismay.