Labor Of Love is the 19th episode of the first season of "Reba." It aired on April 26, 2002.


Barbra Jean and Cheyenne are due to have their babies in the next few weeks. Brock is canceling his annual camping trip because he promised BJ that he'd be there when she went into labor.

The University of Southern California is courting Van for their football team. Brock is happy with the idea but Reba wants Van and Cheyenne to go to the University of Houston so they stay nearby.

When Reba finds out that a recruiter from USC is on his way, she convinces Brock to go on his camping trip anyway so he's not around to encourage Van to go to school all the way in California.

During the recruiter's visit, Cheyenne feels what she thinks are labor pains, so the whole family (including Barbra Jean) trots off to the hospital just to be sure.

It turns out Cheyenne isn't in labor, but Barbra Jean is. Reba feels guilty for sending Brock away, so she treks into the woods to find him.

Van and Cheyenne decide to stay in town and go to the University of Houston so they can be near their family. Barbra Jean gives birth to a baby boy named Henry Charles Jesus Hart.



  • The episode was taped on February 20, 2002.
  • An alternate title for this episode was "BJ has her Baby."
  • Set lighting is reflected in the bed pan that Jake wears on his head.
  • When Reba is talking about not knowing what's in Van's future, she mentions him getting hurt and not being able to play. This ends up being exactly what happens in his future.


Barbra Jean: I need drugs!
Reba: I'm happy for sweet thang.
Brock: Welcome to the World, Henry Charles... Jesus Hart.
[While at the hospital after Cheyenne had a false labor, Barbra Jean sits down on a chair]
Barbra Jean: I think my water broke.
Reba: Oh, no! You're sitting on my purse!
Brock (to Reba): Good God, we have to get to that hospital before she names the kid Jesus.
Jake: His head is almost as big as mine
Cheyenne: Ow.
Kyra: Practice that word.