Lorri Ann Gardner[edit | edit source]

Lorri Ann Gardner

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Reba Hart, Cheyanne Montgomery
Brock Hart, Barbra Jean Hart
3 unknown men
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Reba's "experienced" friend who dislikes Brock and Barbra Jean. She is frequently making derogatory statements about Brock Hart. She moved to Houston in Season 1, where she was in most episodes of. She was only in a few episodes of Season 2 until she unexpectedly left, and Reba or any other characters never mentioned her again, until Season 4.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Three unknown men[edit | edit source]

Lorri Ann had been married and divorced three times. Her second husband's name was revealed to be John, and they got a divorce because he slept with their housekeeper.

Brock Hart[edit | edit source]

They are enemies

Meter Reader[edit | edit source]

Lorri Ann once invited a Meter Reader into her home.

Priest[edit | edit source]

She once told a priest that he had nice eyes which caused him to get up and leave in the middle of confession.

Other ex-Priest[edit | edit source]

She was not able to come back to Houston because she went to Jamaica with this priest who apparently left the priesthood for her.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "(To Cheyenne reffering to Reba) Your Mother's doing fine, she's wearing a new perfume: Eau Du Get-The-Hell-Away-From-Me."
  • "I'm off to the hardware store, or as I like to call it: Men "R" Us."
  • "The Baby Shower Cavalry has arrived. I brought a punch bowl, a cake stand, and... A gold plated armadillo."
  • "Brock, men and women only get together 'cause the parts fit."
  • (Reba and Lori Ann talking about Brock's affair) "I did not have sex with that woman!"
  • "(To Kyra about why she is coming to the baby shower) I'm an adult... I get to drink."
  • "Forget that, You need to Lie!"
  • "I am a desperate, desperate woman."
  • "(When Brock enters baby shower) Reba, I thought we agreed not to hire a clown."
  • "Because, men are pigs."
  • (Upon learning Barbara Jean likes dentists) "The girl's a tooth tart!"
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