Lorri Ann GardnerEdit

Lorri Ann Gardner

Lorri ann

Reba Hart, Cheyanne Montgomery
Brock Hart, Barbra Jean Hart
3 unknown men
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Reba's "experienced" friend who dislikes Brock and Barbra Jean. She is frequently making derrogitory statements about Brock Hart. She moved to Houston in Season 1


Three unknown menEdit

Lorri Ann had been married and divorced three times. Her second husband's name was revealed to be John, and they got a divorce because he slept with their housekeeper.

Brock HartEdit

They are enemies

Meter ReaderEdit

Lorri Ann once invited a Meter Reader into her home.


She once told a priest that he had nice eyes which caused him to get up and leave in the middle of confession.

Other ex-PriestEdit

She was not able to come back to Houston because she went to Jamaica with this priest who apparently left the priesthood for her.


  • "(To Cheyenne Reffering to Reba) Your Mother's doing fine, she's wearing a new perfume: Eau Du Get-The-Hell-Away-From-Me".
  • "I'm off to the hardware store, or as I like to call it: Men "R" Us".
  • "The Baby Shower Cavalry has arrived, I brought a punch bowl, a cake stand, and... A gold plated armadillo".
  • "Brock, men and women only get together 'cause the parts fit".
  • (Reba and Lori Ann talking about Brock and Barbara Jean and Brock's affair)"I did not have sex with that woman"!
  • "(To Kyra about why she is coming to the baby shower) I'm an adult... I get to drink".
  • "Forget that, You need to Lie"!
  • "I am a desperate, desperate woman."
  • "(When Brock enters baby shower) Reba, I thought we agreed not to hire a clown"
  • "Because, men are pigs."