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Reba Nell Hart (nee` McKinney) (Born 1960), is a fictional character in the television series Reba.


Reba is a fiery redhead who has a sarcastic personality, she tries to take control of every situation, which more often than not makes problems worse before they get better. Nevertheless, she is very warm and loving towards her three children and while initially hostile to Brock and Barbra Jean she grows to forgive them throughout the series.


  • She wanted to be a singer.
  • She hates pinwheel cookies.
  • Her poker screen name is Rambling Red Rose.
  • She is very fond of Mel Gibson, as in she wishes that his car would break down and for her to take him in.
  • She has sung twice throughout the series. Once at the end of It Ain't Over 'Till the Redhead Sings, when she sang a lullaby to Elizabeth. The other time was a song dedicated to the loss of Terry Holliway in the episode Terry Holliway.
  • She often says something bad about Barbra Jean.
  • She ran a 5K in 23 minutes and 50 seconds which she has never done before, when getting ready for a 5K race.
  • Her mother's intuition found Joe's Burger Barn when her and the family were camping in Lubbock.
  • In She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye Part 1 she tries to be supportive of her daughter, Kyra, moving, shown when Kyra enters the kitchen and asks if they’re still talking and Reba tries to be nice, however Reba is really devastated about it.



Brian: Reba met Brian at a speed dating in the episode Switch. On her first date with him she lied that she wrote children's books, but then hold the truth. In Ring-A-Ding, she invited him into her house when everyone else was away at Brock's family reunion in Fish-eye Bottom, Texas. In Valentine's Day she faked being sick to avoid seeing Brian. However, Brian tries to help her by making chicken noodle soup and says he loves her. They break up after she accidentally tells him she loves him too and then takes it back.

Dr. Morgan: He was Brock's and Barbra Jean's marriage therapist in Date of Mirth, when she tried to help Barbra Jean who had a crush on him, which results in Reba being attracted to him. In The Trouble with Dr. Hunky, she learns he is married .

Lorri Ann Gardner: Reba's old friend, who moved back to Houston in Every Picture Tells a Story. She tries to be supportive of Reba.

Barbra Jean - For a long time, Reba was angry at Barbra Jean for stealing Brock away from her, and has even made comments about wanting to kill Barbra Jean. Reba often makes sarcastic and insulting comments toward her, and is annoyed when Barbra Jean hangs out at her house. Even so, Reba does seem to care for Barbra Jean, as she was supportive of her when she and Brock separated, and joined her and Cheyenne in dieting.


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