After discoverig that Barbara Jean lost Henry at the mall, Reba doesn't trust her to guard Elizabeth when Van and Chyenne go to a football game in Denver, Colorado.


Reba's mad when Van and Cheyenne go out of town for a football game in Dallas they leave Elizabeth with BJ. It doesn't help that BJ tells Reba that she once lost Henry at the mall. When she tells her that she's bringing the kids to the zoo, Reba goes with her thinking that BJ will be so tired that she'll want Reba to take the kids. After the zoo, Reba's the one who is tired. When Reba offers to take the kids BJ's worried that Reba will fall asleep after she fell asleep once while watching Elizabeth. They get into a huge argument and Reba ends up keeping Elizabeth. Later Reba and Brock have a discussion where she tells him she may actually like BJ. Later BJ comes over giddy because of what Reba said.