Sadie OwensEdit



Potrayed By
Wendie Malick

Sadie was Van Montgomery's homosexual football agent in the episode Van's Agent.

Reba Hart unknowingly made a "date" with her and cancelled after she found out about her homosexuality.

Van's AgentEdit

Sadie (Wendie Malick) arrives at the Hart house, but everyone says foolish things to try to impress her, and Reba is really the only one she connects with. Reba tells Sadie how her "girlfriend" skipped out on her and she feels lonely. Sadie tells Reba that she feels the same way, and reveals that she is lesbian. She asks Reba out on a date, because Van accidentally told the agent that Reba was "supergay." Reba not wanting to hurt Van's chance of a getting this great agent goes along with the lie but later confesses. Van gets the deal, and Sadie and Reba decide they have too much in common to forget about dinner. They go out for a meal, but only as friends.

Personal lifeEdit

She mentioned she's divorced, has a ex-husband, two kids, and a pet bird that she talks to when she's lonely.


  • She's a lesbian but she reveals she got no "gay-dar".
  • She's claims she's a bad lesbian because she's got no "gay-dar" and can't find a woman to date.