Someone's at the Gyno with Reba is the third episode of the first season. It aired on October 19, 2001.


Van has finally moved some of his stuff (that his parents thoughtfully threw out on their front lawn for him) into the room he shares with Cheyenne.

Unfortunately, most of Van's stuff either in bad taste or just downright unacceptable (like the cheerleaders' poster), but when Cheyenne doesn't object, Reba can't understand why she wouldn't tell Van how she really feels.

While on a visit to the gynecologist, Reba also discovers that Cheyenne and Barbra Jean are sharing the same doctor and Brock has brought Jake to the appointment.

When Cheyenne accuses Reba of being a control freak and running Brock out of the marriage, Reba goes to therapy by herself. The therapist agrees that Reba is too controlling and suggests that she just let go of a few things & do something for herself like go to a movie.

Van and Cheyenne are fighting because she's finally told him that she doesn't like the things he's added to their room. Reba goes to a movie, leaving the kids to fend for themselves for dinner. In a panic, Cheyenne calls Brock for help.

Cheyenne and Brock both complain about Reba's controlling behavior, but when Cheyenne says that she thinks it's the reason her parents' marriage ended, Brock gets serious for a minute and corrects her.

Brock tells her that it was a two-way street and that Reba is not entirely to blame. In fact, he likes that she always speaks her mind. When Reba returns from the movie, she and Cheyenne have a heart to heart talk and Cheyenne apologizes.



  • This is the last appearance of Nell Carter as Dr. Susan Peters.


[As Jake is playing with a uterus model at the gyno's office]
Brock: Jake, put down the uterus. It's not a toy.
Cheyenne: Do you think Dad would care about what kind of bedspread is on the bed?
Reba: It's obvious that your father doesn't care about what's on his bed!
Kyra: Yeah, Cheyenne. Which do you like better: the headlights on the trucks or the ones on the cheerleaders?
Barbra Jean: Now, Reba, I assure you, Jake was out of the room while I was being examined by the (whispers) "down-there doctor."
Jake: Mom! Guess what I just saw... and I even got a picture of it!