In the series finale, Van's poor home improvement skills cause a small fire in their home, which causes Reba to allow Van and Cheyenne to stay with her until they get things back in order. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean gets a  promotion to an out of state weather station, and they decide to get a divorce.They all realize they had a crazy six years, but made it through. Reba even announces that she considers Barbra Jean as her best friend. At the end of the episode, a family photo is taken and shown, then the picture from the first episode is shown. During the montage, "I'm a Survivor" plays as the audience applauds.


In the Sad, Series FInale, after Van Montgomery accidentally causes a housefire, they are forced to stay with Reba Hart once again. Meanwhile; Brock Hart tries to save his marrige with Barbra Jean Hart, who gets an offer to be a weathergirl in Arkansas. in the end of the episode the cast lines up and takes a picture that mirrors the on in the Pilot episode.




  • "Yeah, Van, i said ""you know what, i'm a little chilly, why dont you Ignite the house!""-Cheyenne Montgomery
  • "We're survivors".- Reba Hart

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