Cheyenne and Van are nominated for Prom Queen and King. Everyone's surprised by the students overlooking Cheyenne's pregnancy and nominating her anyway. Cheyenne's so excited because she feels like did before she was pregnant. Van finds out that the mean but beautiful cheerleader will most likely win Queen and, worried about how much it'll hurt Cheyenne, he tries to fix it. He convinces all the dorky kids in school to actually vote in the first place and vote for Cheyenne. In return, he'll invite them to a pre-prom party at Reba's house. Van and Cheyenne win and, after the party, head to the prom. The nasty cheerleader walks by and comments on why Cheyenne really won - Van's popularity. Upset, Cheyenne refuses to enter the dance. Back at home, Cheyenne and Van make up and dance together in Reba's living room. Absent: Mitch Holleman as Jake


With the senior prom approaching, Cheyenne Montgomery and Van Montgomery are both nominated, but nobody thinks that Cheyenne has a chance in her pregnant state, but everybody knows that Van will win King, so Van, with the help of Dennis Dugan, find the alienated voters and pursuade them to vote for Cheyenne, meanwhile; Kyra Hart and Reba Hart vie over clothing.



  • This is the last appearance of Lorri Ann in season one, and second to last appearance over all.


  • "I Think the maternity prom is next to The GAP". - Lorri Ann Gardner
  • "Do you Always Brush with Preperation H"? - Morgan Brookes