The Wall is the 19th episode of the second season of "Reba." It aired on March 7, 2003.


After Van and Cheyenne reconcile with Van's parents, Reba feels threatened by the extravagant gifts they shower on baby Elizabeth (including Van's parents giving her a pony). The situation soon escalates into who can be the best grandparent.

Meanwhile, Cheyenne has difficulty adjusting to life now that Van has returned to the football team and has little time to spend with her.


  • Reba McEntire as Reba Hart
  • Christopher Rich as Brock Hart
  • JoAnna Garcia as Cheyenne Montgomery
  • Steve Howey as Van Montgomery
  • Scarlett Pomers as Kyra Hart
  • Mitch Holleman as Jake Hart
  • Melissa Peterman as Barbra Jean Hart
  • Robin Riker as Sue Montgomery
  • Mark Tymchyshyn as Dan Montgomery


  • Nell Carter (Dr. Susan Peters) was due to return for this episode, but she died earlier in the year.
  • Kyra acts very excited about the pony. In real-life, Scarlett Pomers rode horses.
  • When Van and Cheyenne are arguing about the tacos, you can see that the bag clearly has the "Taco Bell" logo on it. However, beneath the logo it only says Taco, therefore allowing them to avoid paying for advertising rights.


  • When Reba and everyone else are talking in the living room, and everyone is on the step by the stairs except for Reba, the door is closed when the camera is showing Van's parents and everyone except for Reba and the next shot showing those guys, the door is closed.
  • When Reba is holding the buckets of chicken, she starts to bend over to put them down. The very next shot, the buckets of chicken are on the floor and Reba picks them up.


Brock (to Van): There's Mr. Football!
Reba: (to Cheyenne) And his wife, Mrs. Football. (holds up Elizabeth) Hey, remember Baby Football?
Cheyenne: What's the point of being married to a big football star if nobody's going to see us together?
Barbra Jean: A blanket to a baby is like Scotch.
Kyra: If you tell me what PBS stands for, I'll tell you why I'm watching it.
Reba: (on the phone) I forgot to mention that Elizabeth likes her apple juice on high temperature. Oh, if you only have grape juice, it doesn't have to be on high temperature. For one reason, she hates it.
Barbra Jean: I'm just a young beautiful attractive woman who married her grandfather.
Cheyenne: It's a key.
Kyra: Welcome to this week's episode of "Cheyenne Identifies Objects."