Wanting to spend more time with Jake after missing a soccer game, Brock decides to build a tree house for him, but with Barbara Jean pregnant and all, can he find the time to do it?


Brock has once again fallen back on a promise he made to Jake by missing a soccer game. Jake scored his first goal (first one FOR his own team ) and Brock missed it. Feeling guilty because he's spending so much of his time helping with the baby and keeping his dental practice going, Brock promises Jake he'll finally build that tree house in the backyard they've been talking about. Reba warns Brock not to make another promise he can't keep. Brock shows up one day with a huge box containing all the parts to the tree house and promises he'll put it together. As Jake gets impatient waiting for his tree house, Reba decides to rope Van into helping her build it. They manage to put it together, if a bit lopsided. Brock promises to spend the first night in the tree house with Jake. While they're outside, Barbra Jean comes over in a panic because she can't get the baby to sleep. Reba ends up looking after little Henry when BJ falls asleep. Brock decides he can't have Reba clean up his messes anymore and gets ready to take BJ home. Jake's upset that Brock has broken another promise. Brock explains he's trying to figure out how to manage everything and little Henry needs him right now. But, he's doing the best he can. Jake accepts this and ends up spending the night in the tree house with Van.