Barbra Jean is finally going to have her dream wedding to Brock. There's just one problem: a case of the pre-wedding jitters has hit the bride and she turns to Reba for help. BJ wants Reba's blessing for her marriage to Brock and for the wedding itself. Eventually Reba consents to BJ's request because she knows that marrying Brock is the right thing for Brock to do. What about the bridesmaids? Kyra doesn't want any part of her father's wedding, especially in the silly dress that BJ picked out, but Reba convinces her to go on with the show.


Barbra Jean Hart and Brock Hart's wedding is here, but Barbra Jean is having second thoughts because she thinks that if Brock left Reba Hart, than he will not stay with her.




  • "Look Mom, Purple Tapeda... Shiny purple tapeda". - Cheyenne Montgomery